Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a type of waste covering any broken or unwanted electrical or electronic device. It includes a wide range of products from computers, printers and faxes, to washing machines and fridges.

The 10 categories of WEEE are:
• Large household appliances
• Small household appliances
• IT & telecommunications equipment
• Consumer equipment
• Lighting equipment
• Electrical and electronic tools
• Toys, leisure and sports equipment
• Medical devices
• Monitoring and control instruments
• Automatic dispensers

Household Consumers
• Where can I bring WEEE for recycling?
If you have purchased a new electrical or electronic appliance or piece of equipment the retailer or supplier is required to take back you old appliance or equipment similar to the appliance or equipment you purchased, free of charge on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis.
 If a retailer has a sales area for EEE greater than 400m2, they must provide for a one-for-zero take-back (i.e. no purchase of new equipment is necessary).
Local Authorities are also required to take back household WEEE free of charge from members of the public at their Recycling Centres. This service is for householders use only.

Business Consumers
If you are a business and wish to dispose of WEEE items, you must make your own arrangements with a private waste collector or waste facility. Local Authorities are not required to accept Business to Business (B2B) WEEE. Note that business should only use private permitted/licensed facilities to dispose of electrical or electronic waste.

Retailers - What do retailers need to know?
• Under the Regulations all retailers supplying EEE and automotive and/or industrial batteries must register as a retailer with their Local Authority (€200) or with the Compliance Scheme (free of charge) responsible for their area.
• Each individual retail premise must register. Retailer registration is a separate requirement to Producer registration.
• EEE and Battery Retailers have additional obligations under the WEEE and Battery regulations which can include;
o price display information regarding WEEE environmental management costs
o information to users on take back and recycling to be displayed in store, online and in advertising and direct communications
o Legal notice  displayed in store.

Further information below
Application form - WEEE Registration